from a new Cares Act program”

From: Marty Tierney
Subject: See How Ed received 26k Per Employee from a new Cares Act program

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I wanted to share with you how my friend Ed received $26,000 Per Employee from the government.
You see Ed learned about the ERC IRS Tax Credit Program from the Cares ACT by accident. He had already brought In PPE monies and thought he didn’t qualify, well low an behold he did.
Ed thanked me for mentioning it and we are now sharing this little-known Tax Credit “Stimulus” Program with all our business friends.
Hi, I’m Marty and I want to help you through this process of qualifying, my representatives have teamed up with a well-known CPA Firm here in the USA to get the word out before this Tax Credit Program runs out. Don’t worry once you qualify and begin the process you are assured your share of the program credits.
We set up a quick video for you to explain how you can pre-qualify, then you will know for sure if you’re eligible to receive from $5k per employee to $26K. Again, this is a government program that very few people know about, so move fast before the funds set aside run out.
The last government Cares ACT PPE program was stopped so sudden and many businesses were left to struggle. Don’t let that be you.
Watch this video NOW!! before it’s too late:

Marty Tierney
USA Representative #11445943

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