essage? Please read on”

From: Elizabeth Harrison
Subject: Want to make millions in your spare time from real-estate, with little startup money, whilst still doing things like reading this message? Please read on

Message Body:
Hi, this is Liz Harrison again. Apologies for contacting you again through your contact form but I didn’t want you to miss out on this limited time offer to earn serious money (millions of dollars annually) through real-estate. My honest and sincere offer is this. I make serious money, along with my partner, through buying foreclosure homes for pennies on the dollar and then renting them out for tens of thousands of dollars a month. This isn’t limited to America, but can be done anywhere in the world, with little start-up money needed. I also make an additional side-income (which helps to pay for the kids college tuition) by recommending the same product that got me started on this millionaire journey. It is an easy to use digital product that you can download to your computer for under $50. The proof is in the pudding, as they say; and if you don’t believe that this short, easy to use, digital course can make you millions, then just download the course for the low promotional offer of under $50. If you don’t like it and don’t begin to see the money roll in after viewing the course and implementing it’s easy to follow plan, then just ask for a no-quibble refund, no questions asked. I’ll be honest with you…in these tough economic times it’s becoming harder and harder to make money, but this is one money-making method that works. So much so that you’ll want to keep it a secret all to yourself. If you don’t have time to waste and want to download this concise digital course now then click >> << If however you’re someone who has an hour or 2 to spare before downloading the digital course and want to be shown the full sales pitch and promotional presentation beforehand, then click <> Thanks again for reading, and here’s to you making your first million dollars on us. God Bless, Liz Harrison, Orlando, Florida

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